Gunite Pool Renovation, Vinyl Pool Liner Replacement

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Gunite Pool Renovation

Sparkle Pool Service can take your existing in-ground pool, no matter what its condition is, and make it a brand new pool again by replacing the materials that originally were used to build your pool. We strip off the old pool coping stones and ceramic tile and we replace them with brand new coping, stones or brick and ceramic tile. We first prep your pools old plaster surface followed by resurface it with in-ground pool materials such as marcite or diamond brite. One of the most exciting aspects of renovation work is the opportunity to customize and redesign your pools appearance to your own style and tastes. This can be done by using brick paver-style stones for the top coping stones. Selecting a ceramic tile from our many different styles and colors or choosing Sunstone or Diamond-Brite plaster which comes in different colors and textures.

Vinyl Pool Liner Replacement (In-Ground Pools)

Liners need to be replaced usually once every 10-15 years. We can replace your liner with a new 27 mil thick liner from our beautiful catalog of various patterns and styles.
Cost usually runs between $2,500 and $3,300 depending on size and shape of your pool.

Resurfacing Options

Standard Marcite

  • Average Life 12-17 years
  • White plaster (colors not available)
  • Water Chemistry must be kept in proper ranges at all time.
  • Marcite is susceptible to scaling or pitting from harsh chemicals.
  • Has been the primary material for pool surfaces for 50+ years.
  • Cost $4,500-$7,000 (based on pool size)
  • Very smooth finish and bright reflective look.
  • Marcite lives and breathes the water in your Pool, you must maintain the water chemical balance at all times.

Aggregate Surface – such as Diamond-Brite, Sunstone and Quartz blends

  • Average life 17-25 years.
  • 100% stronger than marcite.
  • Replaces White Plaster with colored Quartz. Quartz comes in different shades.
  • Varying shades of colors can be attained by different shades of Quartz.
  • This means the water color┬ácan be of your choosing. (think Caribbean Blue)
  • Has smooth finish that is slip resistant. Doesn’t stain, chip, or pit!
  • Resistant to water damage (chemicals) practically maintenance free.
  • Cost $6,800-$9,000 (Depends on pool size)
  • Because it is mainly made of quartz minerals, maintenance becomes worry-free.

Important note —– The better you take care of your water chemistry , no matter which surface you choose the longer it will last and stay like new.