In Ground Pool Leaks

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~Jim W. Troy MI

Types of Pool Leaks:

  1. Filter/Pump/Plumbing Pool Leaks - Symptoms:
    • All above ground leaks can be easily handled with a service call.
  2. Siphon Leaks - Symptoms:
    • Water leaks from pool though the pool structure and not the lines involved in filtering water pool.
  3. Underground Pool leaks - Symptoms:
    • You pool is losing ½” or more over a 3 day period.
    • Pool loses water whenever filter system is running. Usually ¼” of water or more per day
    • Pool loses water when running and when it's off
    • When pump is running there is air bubbles either in the pump or coming out of jets in pool or both.
    • Pump won’t prime up or skimmer or main drain won’t pump up.