Inground Pool Safety Covers in Michigan

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~Jim W. Troy MI

Pool Safety Cover

The ultimate pool cover for winter states like Michigan!

The old tarp and water bag pool covers have been the standard for the last fifty years. However, many sought after features the safety pool cover makes it hard to resist the urge to eliminate your old tarp cover altogether.

The safety cover is a finely woven mesh material that allows snow and rain to drip through into the pool while the leaves and debris are left on top and blow away giving you a clean, easy to look at backyard for those off-season months.

The safety cover was invented in the 60's and has been in use in California, Arizona and Florida ever since. Pool owners in Michigan have been using them for years but not until recently have they started to become the standard in pool covers for Michigan inground pools.

Installing in-ground pool safety covers

We take care of the entire process from start to finish.

  • First we set an appointment for you with one of our pool technicians to measure the size of your pool.
  • We then create a detailed schematic drawing of your pool in order give you an exact quote.
  • Your order is placed with Meyco Safety Pool Covers
  • Once delivered we do the complete install for your cover. The cover is secured by small anchors that screw down flush to the deck all summer until we raise them for winter.

We use Meyco Safety Pool Covers for all our safety pool cover installations. Meyco Pool Covers are the best in the industry, they deliver a perfectly fitted cover every time! We have never had a warranty issue or a returned cover yet! In fact, every one of our customers that bought this cover was completely satisfied and thrilled to be rid of the old tarps and bags that they had to drag out and/or replace yearly. Feel free to ask us for references from customers who have bought them from us.

Our recommendation is the rugged mesh safety cover. It blocks out 98 percent of the sun's rays so the chlorine you use for closing doesn't get burned out. The cover filters water through down to its finest particles separating dirt, debris and leaves to blow off thus making it the ultimate of all covers. Samples are available so you can see the variety of options we offer. Prices range from $ 1,200 to $ 3,000 depending on the size and shape of your pool.

Don't forget... our safety covers come with a 15 year limited warranty from Meyco Industries.

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